Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mid Century Modern in Chevy Turquoise Blue

Check it out friends...just finished today!
1950's dresser, sanded, primed and painted.  
Ready for a new home!

"Delicious color, right?"
Here is the "Before" pic.
Maybe good in it's day???
I wanted to share my inspiration for my choice of color 
for this vintage dresser...fantastic Chevy turquoise blue!!

 I love this truck...honest.
I will have one of these, some day, guaranteed!
Until then, it's just painted furniture for me:)
Almost as good!

Buy this dresser today, on Etsy,
right HERE.


  1. What a fantastic color! There is a turquoise truck that goes through my neighborhood, I always say I want to use that color for a dresser, ha!

  2. I'm totally in love with turquoise dressers any shade will do, but this is perfect! -Angela

  3. I'm from Ohio and I own the 1954 truck in front of the white barn and my friend from Kansas owns the other truck below it. Glad you like them!