Friday, September 14, 2012

Falling Hard for Sapphire Blue

I have just as much fun styling a piece of furniture as I do actually painting it.  So...I have again, styled this accent table 3 different ways.  Let me now which 
one you prefer;) just cause I'm curious.
Matching dresser will be done soon and 
I will style that 3 ways, too!
Below is the booooring "before" picture.

After some more sanding, priming and painting, this Mid Century Modern side table turned out pretty great!

"Vintage Modern"

"Traditional Modern"

"Coastal Modern"

Now it's time to work on the coordinating dresser!
This table is for sale
HERE on my Etsy shop, The Turquoise Iris!!


  1. I like the third one best. I really admire your work. Love the vivid colors.

  2. Love all three! Ou are so fantastic at this!

  3. Traditional modern for me. There's something about putting that bright blue next to that fabulous chair!