Let me help you add color to your home!

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All of these pieces are from my own portfolio. 
Thanks for looking!



  1. I ran across your site from MMS. I love how true you are to your style! The bright colours are so great! You've refinished so many pieces that I have passed by because I couldn't see the potential - but obviously you did totally did!

  2. I too came across your blog from MMS. I love your pieces, the colour, the finishes, the styling....just stunning. I look forward to following your blog.

  3. Fascinating how all the "emerald green" pieces sold, and you obviously got so many inquiries you had to add a "sold" label to them. Hope you're smiling about being prepared, and probably busy painting more emerald things

  4. Amazing pieces! Each one is special and just so much fun. Beautiful work.

  5. I love how true you are to your style!
    Hotel furniture
    .....The bright colors are so great!I look forward to following your blog.

  6. wow! you are my hero. I want to be you when I grow up in blog world and also in furniture refurbishing world. Incredible. New fan.

  7. Quick question...Are none of these pieces available or only the ones with the SOLD written across it? Sorry for maybe a lame question.

    Curiosity's got the cat...

  8. Love how fearless you are with colors! Beautiful. ;)