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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mint Green Distressed Dresser

I simply cannot get enough of this mint color! It is so warm yet bold as well.

This is paper, not paint...although maybe some day I will have the skill to paint something like this!

Have a beautiful day!!


  1. What a beautiful dresser - that flower is crazy beautiful on it!!!
    And you're right about the color - it's perfect!

  2. Love it :) Love the colour and the artwork. SO unique

  3. i absolutely love it! i am excited to be your newest follower. your stuff is beautiful, you are super talented! i came upon you after being a fellow leibster nominee from the weathered door. can't wait to see your next project!

  4. Oh wow, that is really beautiful!

  5. should of know it was you because such a beauty

  6. In love with that flower detail!!! Awesome work :)

  7. So, has anyone ever told you you look like Zooey Deschanel? Well you do! Your furniture pieces are just as lovely too! You are so talented! I just found you through Miss Mustard Seed and am so intrigued by the beautiful colors on your pieces. Are they custom or do you prefer a certain brand like Miss M's milk paints? I am ready to redo my daughter's dresser and IN LOVE with this mint! Would love if you could give me some deets on what color this is or lead me in a good direction since I can't find anything remotely like this perfect shade. Thanks so much! ;)