Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How Did I Finger Paint Those Flowers?

I am serious! 
How did I get those blobs of paint to look like flowers?

I'm asking you because this was my first time to try this on a furniture makeover. 

So, it went something like this.

I paint on canvas with my buddy, Quitta Allen of All Shabbed Out, during our Friday Night Live on Facebook. We decided to finger paint...sounds easy, right? We started with a black canvas and added our own technique. Mine instantly took on a floral look while Q transformed her into a gorgeous abstract piece.  

That painting sold while I was painting it to one of my live Facebook viewers!

OMG! This turned out pretty okay after all!!

After that night, I found this vintage cabinet.  While I planned it's makeover, Debi Beard of Debi's Design Diary suggested I try that finger painting on a piece of furniture. 


I ran right out to the garage and got started. 

That piece sold almost immediately as well and so it begins...I'm finger painting flowers on everything I can. Actually, I'm teaching classes now on how to achieve this look.
 My next project will have a few falling from the top of an armoire, all the way to the bottom.


If you're interested in this class, sign up here.

Have a great week!

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