Thursday, December 22, 2016

Three, Yes Three, Really Fun Furniture Makeovers

 We are having temperatures in the 40's today so I'm getting to raise the garage 
door and do some sanding...never my favorite thing to do but always happy with 
sunny weather and temps over freezing!
I'm sharing three really fun makeovers in this post today. For this makeover,  I used Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint in Cowboy Coral and Bohemian Blue. I love this piece because of the chunky, stout design.  I knew it needed to be layered with color so technically, I used six different colors. 

Look at all that yummy goodness piled inside every nook of this piece. And, the hardware? YES!!!

This next piece is my interpretation of faded denim jeans.  I used colors from CeCe Caldwell's paints in Newport Navy and Blue Montana Sky.  Oh, and I also added Thomasville Teal for fun.

This piece is available to purchase on my website, The Turquoise Iris.

Isn't my Santa the most jolly Santa ever?!!?

Lastly, I painted this little side table to be roomies with the coral piece, also in this post. 
My client and I went back and forth about the new knobs but we are both really happy with the 
peacock ones from Anthropologie. These colors are Windsor Blue and Sante Fe Turquoise, also from CeCe Caldwell's paints.

I also painted those fun little abstracts and sold them as a set. 

I really adore blending colors and layering different shades of blue. 
This photo shows those layers perfectly.

This will probably be the last post I do before Christmas, so I hope you all have a very merry holiday full of love and joy!! Thank you all for making this year really fun for me.



Thursday, December 15, 2016

I've Been Dabbling and In Your Face Vulnerability

Hello! Dionne here.

I hope you are all finding a warm cozy place to tuck your feet today.
It's a bit chilly here in Oklahoma City. 

I've been dabbling here and there...
My Church

I'm always painting furniture but I wanted to share a few of my newest dabbles. Is that a word? 
You other creative people can surely relate to always dabbling here and there. I've been painting canvas art and took the plunge to share here on social media.  Crazy, now that I look back. I haven't really had time to look at how quickly these paintings of mine are selling until I sat down to put this post together. This is just a portion of my most recent ones.  Several are still available on my site,  I also created a "Barn Series" last month. Those are sold out but I've had requests to do more so you can bet that will happen. 

Enjoy the View

Here Comes the Sun

I will admit, this may be the most vulnerable I've felt in awhile. Throwing my canvas art out there for all to see and criticize has been completely right up in my face! My approach has been to just for it. I have nothing to lose...( other than my confidence, my credibility and maybe my mind ) but seriously, my followers have been AMAZINGLY supportive. How'd I get so lucky?

People ARE kind.  People ARE generous. 

Still Waters

Popsicles on the Beach

Popsicles on the Beach II

House on the Hill

Raspberry Skies

Lemon Skies

Lemonade Skies

Blue Door


Good Evening
Thanks for letting me share these with you! It's not easy but completely worth it.

Stay warm my friends,


Thursday, December 1, 2016

I'm Being a Cheater and I'm Blaming You!

Ha! Ha!

Yes, I'm blaming all of you and I don't feel the least bit badly about it. 

It's been awhile since I've written a blog post.  Well, only 3 weeks but still, I usually write one every week.  My November was crazy busy  
( I completely sold out of furniture ) and honestly, I just couldn't make the time to I decided to blame all of you instead of myself, ha ha ha!

I lumped four furniture makeovers in this one post, so, 
please forgive me.  I'll do better in December.

My thanks goes to all of your for your continued support and encouragement.  I'm busy because of the feedback, love and faith you give me. I hope something you see here will inspire you to grab your paint brush and create your own work of art.

I used colors from CeCe Caldwell's paint line for this armoire.  
The base is Key West Blue and I accented with Navy 
and added a warm pop of Persimmon

Do you see that vintage car print? I adore it so much! The vintage woody car paired with that Christmas tree on top is perfection.  I ordered it from
Alison paints the most beautiful images, including the most serene beach scenes.  She also has a couple of prints with an old Ford truck and Christmas trees. I'm smitten... go check out her work. 
You'll see what I mean. 

Now, look here! 
Sometimes, a particular piece, hardware, and colors all team 
up to be a dynamic trio.

This next one was a commissioned piece for a returning customer.  That's pressure, you know?
They already own one piece so I wanted to make this one just as fun and original.  

If you are new to my blog, you don't know how much I love Klein Blue from General Finishes. It's one of my go-to colors because it works with my style.  I like bold but I also like colors that pair well with other shades of blue. This one does that perfectly. It also compliments yellow and orange very well...a MUST for me.

We shipped this buffet to South Carolina.  My clients are over the moon with it in their space. I can't explain the relief as well as excitement I feel when my customers love a painted piece as much as I do. 
To top it off, they are now using this to display their great grandmother's silver set.  

Now, this next mini wardrobe is available on my website, The Turquoise Iris. I'd love to see this in a child's room or in a 
bathroom used as linen storage. To get this look, I again used paint from CeCe Caldwell's. The colors are Sante Fe Turquoise, Windsor Blue, Emerald, and Carolina Sun Yellow. 

I'm guilty of using furniture as a canvas. 
It's a huge blank slate to me, bigger the better. 

And lastly, I just listed this one yesterday. I have been so 
excited to get my hands, or should I say brushes, on this massive chunky piece.  Because it has so much detail, I knew adding 
multiple colors would be good on this one.  

The base colors are Cowgirl Coral and Bohemian Blue, 
both from Debi's DIY Chalk & Clay Paint. This was my first time to try this paint and the results were exceptional.  The paint is thick and creamy, and these particular colors have warm undertones, 
exactly what I wanted for this makeover. 

Now, let's get to work and do December right!

Thanks so much,