Thursday, December 15, 2016

I've Been Dabbling and In Your Face Vulnerability

Hello! Dionne here.

I hope you are all finding a warm cozy place to tuck your feet today.
It's a bit chilly here in Oklahoma City. 

I've been dabbling here and there...
My Church

I'm always painting furniture but I wanted to share a few of my newest dabbles. Is that a word? 
You other creative people can surely relate to always dabbling here and there. I've been painting canvas art and took the plunge to share here on social media.  Crazy, now that I look back. I haven't really had time to look at how quickly these paintings of mine are selling until I sat down to put this post together. This is just a portion of my most recent ones.  Several are still available on my site,  I also created a "Barn Series" last month. Those are sold out but I've had requests to do more so you can bet that will happen. 

Enjoy the View

Here Comes the Sun

I will admit, this may be the most vulnerable I've felt in awhile. Throwing my canvas art out there for all to see and criticize has been completely right up in my face! My approach has been to just for it. I have nothing to lose...( other than my confidence, my credibility and maybe my mind ) but seriously, my followers have been AMAZINGLY supportive. How'd I get so lucky?

People ARE kind.  People ARE generous. 

Still Waters

Popsicles on the Beach

Popsicles on the Beach II

House on the Hill

Raspberry Skies

Lemon Skies

Lemonade Skies

Blue Door


Good Evening
Thanks for letting me share these with you! It's not easy but completely worth it.

Stay warm my friends,



  1. Dionne,
    I'm very thankful that you've decided to just go for it! You have amazing artistic talent and style! I love your work! Your furniture pieces are always stunning! I follow you on Facebook and as I'm scrolling through and come to a new piece you've done, I'm always stopped in my tracks and dumbfounded for a minute or two! It always makes me wish I could paint that way!

    I have seen your canvas paintings coming out more frequently and I applaud you putting yourself out there like that! I love your barn series as well as any that have sunsets. My overall favorites though, are Blue Door, Happy, and Good Evening.

    You are amazing! That's why your fans/followers are so great!

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel! I can't explain how much your words mean to me.

      Have a wonderful holiday season,