Monday, April 25, 2016

A Gorgeous Colour Palette Furniture Makeover #5 of My Series


I didn't want this dresser when I first saw it...walked right past it, actually.

I'm SOOO glad I went back and bought this dresser! It was the perfect piece to do this finish on.  The grain of the wood, the drawers ad hardware all together allowed me to create this patina with the color scheme I chose.  

This is the fifth piece in my series, all inspired by the rustic, old doors I see in images from Europe and all over the world.  The colors grab me, make me feel like I'm there, on vacation. Well, I love that, love it so much, I have a board on Pinterest titled, Doors. The image above is the one that inspired this colour palette. 

I also painted the canvas art to be included in the purchase of the dresser...#BONUS.

The broken light fixtures were a contribution from my husband.  I think they make great styling props!

I love me some malachite and marble!  Both of those rolls of gift wrap were left over from previous makeovers. 

I hope you enjoy this furniture makeover.  I find the colours absolutely mesmerizing.

As of now, this dresser is available on my Etsy shop, The Turquoise Iris


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My First Time to Use Heirloom Traditions Paint!!

I was contacted by Paula with Heirloom Traditions Paint. She asked if I'd be interested in trying their paint. Well, sure!! I've heard wonderful things about the coverage and the line has so many beautiful colors, too. I chose 'Ol Navy from the Vintiques and Quite Coral from HTP. I also ordered the Oxidized Patina wax,  Burnt Umber Wax and the Ancient Agings Dust. 
Have a look at my result!

I couldn't decide which color to paint this desk so I just used everything, because why not, right?!?!

I brushed some of the patina wax over the hardware, also.

I started staging this piece and nothing I had as far as art worked so I paused...grabbed the brushes full of paint and made my own little floral abstract!  

This desk / vanity is listed for sale on my Etsy shop, The Turquoise Iris.

Thank you for viewing, hope you enjoy!  


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hand Painted Wardrobe to Compliment Any Colour Scheme Before & After

This is #3 in my series of pieces inspired by the old doors of Europe.  I added the picture below to show you the door that inspired the paint colors, style, etc.

This is four paint colors and two stain colors. It's so fun to see how they all work together.  I never really know how my vision will all come together until I really stand back and have a good look.

Here is the BEFORE photo.

The door on the left was my inspiration.  I opted for more blue in my piece but the idea was similar. I absolutely LOVE the finish. 

Time to get started on the next one!


Monday, April 11, 2016

Gorgeous Turquoise Vintage Chest & a Short Video Clip

This is the second piece of the five I'm painting in cold color inspired by old doors from around the world.  I'm always pinning images to my "doors" board on Pinterest. So, I asked myself why do I love these so much and my answer is the colors, the authentic look of wear and the structural shapes of the doors themselves.  Painting like this and dreaming about my next makeover keeps my brain energized and fulfills my creative nature.  

Have a look!

When I began staging, I looked around everywhere and could not come up with the perfect art piece for the wall.  So, I ran to Hobby Lobby for a canvas and made my own using the colors from the dresser. 



Like the first of this series, this dresser sold in just a few minutes of being listed on my Etsy shop!  I have so many great customers!!!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!,


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Coral and Teal Wardrobe Makeover

I'm back!!!
I've been busy working on quite a few custom commissioned pieces.  
Now that those are done,  I've started a series of 5 new furniture makeovers.  

All of these are inspired by doors, old European doors.  You know the ones all over Pinterest...colorful, perfectly aged and full of authentic charm. 

I used four different colors on this mini wardrobe, all of which are complimentary. This style allows me to explore my creativity more than any other.  I think this is why love it so.

I cleaned out my paint cabinets and made some wall art! 

This photo's loaded with my DIY projects!


The inside...I wanted it to really pop when the door opens.  This paper helped me decide on my color choices, thank you Spoonflower!

Stay tuned!  I'll have new makeovers posted soon. 

p.s. This piece sold after a few hours of being online so that's why I haven't posted my Etsy link.

Thanks so much,


Thursday, February 25, 2016

How Dark & Light Wall Colors Affect a Photo & Before & After

Good afternoon, Friends! 

 Many of you comment on my dark teal wall.  You either want to know the name of the wall color or you ask me why I sometimes choose a dark wall to stage my furniture. Well, the name of the color is "Deep Blue Ocean" by Clark + Kensington from Ace Hardware. Before I explain, have a look at the first four photos below.

Two are on the teal wall and two are on a very light blue wall.

What is the first thing you notice?  I staged this antique server the same, mostly. 

Now, keep in mind, the time of day is different as well.  The teal photo photos were taken around 5:00 p.m and the light wall photos were taken around noon. The time of day will also greatly affect the light / colors / glare / shadows. The light wall is on the north side of the room while the teal is on the south wall. 

The first thing my eye notices is the dramatic notch kicks in a whole lot more with the dark wall.  It causes the deep colors to look more severe and the white to really pop!  The light wall photos almost have a more shabby chic look. The whole photo is more muted and calm.  

Since I sell my furniture on my Etsy shop, The Turquoise Iris,  my photos are crucial to my business.  The color and style of my furniture piece will determine which wall I use to stage and photograph. Often, I will set up on one wall and move right over to the other after I see the pictures.

My advise is to be adventurous.  The only rules are the ones you make yourself! 

I also love hearing comments from you about being able to recognize my photos right away without even seeing my watermark first.  Find something that sets you apart from the rest of us.  For me, my teal wall is one of those things. 

Before & After

My client purchased this antique server on Etsy and had it shipped to me to paint.  Now that I'm finished, I'll be shipping on to him in Waco.  He told me it was my best work to date! 

I guess he loves it, huh??!?

I'm working on a post about staging.  I'll show you one piece of furniture, staged three different ways. Stay tuned!!!