Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hand Painted Mustard Yellow Accent Table Makeover You Don't Want to Miss!

Okay, so it's been awfully dreary and unusually chilly here in Oklahoma lately.  I'm not necessarily complaining but I need some sunshine! Sometimes you have to make it yourself.

"How wonderful yellow is, it stands for the sun". 

~ Vincent Van Gogh

See, now that's better.  Yellow is energetic and happy.  I added the teal because, well, they compliment one another so well.  I think this antique wash stand can be used just about anywhere in your home, don't you?

Yep, that's a little metallic paint in there, again, energetic and happy! Look at how that paint just highlights that wonderful wood grain.  I created as much texture as I could possibly get in there. 

This piece is available on my Etsy website, The Turquoise Iris. Check out my new shop look, by the way.  

This is the image I have pinned on my Pinterest page. I tried to replicate the colors and also the finish.  My goal is to always create a "one of a kind" piece of furniture.  Being original is often scary and I always feel vulnerable every single time I post my furniture makeovers on social media.  I feel so much gratitude for the lovely comments I have received about this series.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~~ Dionne

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hand Painted Cobalt and White Furniture Makeover Inspired By Mexico Accented with an Otomi Print

Who doesn't LOVE a blue and white color palette?!?! 
It's a classic combo but I had to add some edge to this makeover. 

This is #3 in my "Doors" Series, Part II. I've sold out of every piece so there may just have to be a Part III!!

I used Oxford, Steamer Trunk and Ol' Navy from Heirloom Traditions Paint again for this makeover. The Oxidized Patina wax, once again, gave this finish just the right amount of oomph! 

Sky Soarer knobs and bowls from Anthropologie.

This is the door that inspired this colour palette and finish.  I really tried to recreate a worn and weathered look. I can't really explain how much fun this was to paint. I turned in to a 6 year old pretty quickly! Pinterest is a wonderful source for beautiful images, don't you think? I have a board titled, "Doors", if you are interested in following along. 

I know, I really pushed the envelope here, but it was necessary here.  This maple buffet was just so drab. Otomi paper from Spoonflower. It's also available in a multi colored print.

I have to tell you, this buffet gave me over 900 views on my Etsy shop, The Turquoise Iris in 24 hours!! That, my friends, is AMAZING!! You guys are awesome.

Thanks as usual and have a lovely week!

p.s. I have a mustard yellow door on my brain...


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hand Painted Shades of Grey Antique Buffet in Rustic a Finish & Colour Palette, Number II in my Second "Doors" Series

What do you get when you bring home a really old buffet, paint it with five different colors, then distress the paint here and there, finish it with two different colored waxes, add some aging dust and lastly, adorn it with some really pretty mercury glass knobs???

This, I guess. 

Let's just say it turned out better than I imagined.  I had a plan for this makeover, but I hardly ever stick with the plan, mostly never.

Both my husband and my 14 year old said, "You going to fix the top part and remove all these trim broken pieces"?  My son assured me no one will want this buffet. Love him;-)

When will they learn? I agree, it doesn't look new, not even close.  It's used, worn and weathered, and I absolutely love it!!!

This is the 2nd piece in my "Doors" Series, Part II. The image above is pinned on my Pinterest page and I used it for my inspiration. I adore the way the colors fade to one another and the finish has worn naturally. Doors, in general, can either be inviting, mysterious or completely breathtaking.  I think the latter applies to this door.

I used all Heirloom Traditions Paint products for this makeover. This is my second experience with these and I'm in love.  I used Steamer Trunk,  and Oxford for the main colors, both from the Vintiques Series.  I also mixed these two to get a third shade of gray. Quite Coral is peeking out from underneath those two and Ol' Navy is highlighting those fabulous legs. 

I added new mercury glass knobs to complete the look.

I was able to get a little aqua color by topping the paint finish with the Oxidized Patina soft wax. This is a new favorite product of mine, by the way. The Weathered White wax gave the darker colors a more"mocha" look...which is awfully creamy looking, yea!

I am having so much fun with this series of furniture! I'm getting so many encouraging comments all over social media and I'm so appreciative of all of you.  This buffet sold as soon as I posted it! So, the first five and now these two in Part II have all sold. 

What?!?!?! I know, right?

Last but not least, the "BEFORE" photo.  Seventy-two inches of good goodness!!

Hope you all enjoy and I'd love to hear what you think.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hand Painted Magenta and Teal Desk Furniture Makeover

Oh, and did I mention yellow, also?

I mean really, how could I paint magenta and teal and NOT add yellow...their complimentary friend on the color wheel? 

I recently finished a series of 5 furniture pieces inspired by the bold color and worn weathered finishes of old doors, European in particular.  I received such an overwhelming response to these that I decided to do a Part 2. I have already sold 4 of the 5 pieces in the first series and here is the 1st in the 2nd series, not for the beige lovers.

These two canvas art pieces are included with the purchase of this piece. 

For those of you that follow me on social media, I posted this image last week. The colors grabbed me by the collar and said, "Here, this one next!" - for real...
The response agreed with the voice so I went for it but toned down the turquoise by choosing the darkest shade in the photo. 

Obviously this piece would be great in an office or bedroom but I'm intrigued by the idea of creating a "wine bar" or "coffee bar" with this piece. It would be such an easy way to create color in an existing kitchen / dining space without painting your own cabinets or island.

I'm already planning the next one, #2 in this series, and will have it ready to show you next week!

This piece is available to purchase, HERE on my Etsy shop, The Turquoise Iris.



Monday, April 25, 2016

A Gorgeous Teal Green Dresser Furniture Makeover #5 of My Series


I didn't want this dresser when I first saw it...walked right past it, actually.

I'm SOOO glad I went back and bought this dresser! It was the perfect piece to do this finish on.  The grain of the wood, the drawers ad hardware all together allowed me to create this patina with the color scheme I chose.  

This is the fifth piece in my series, all inspired by the rustic, old doors I see in images from Europe and all over the world.  The colors grab me, make me feel like I'm there, on vacation. Well, I love that, love it so much, I have a board on Pinterest titled, Doors. The image above is the one that inspired this colour palette. 

I also painted the canvas art to be included in the purchase of the dresser...#BONUS.

The broken light fixtures were a contribution from my husband.  I think they make great styling props!

I love me some malachite and marble!  Both of those rolls of gift wrap were left over from previous makeovers. 

I hope you enjoy this furniture makeover.  I find the colours absolutely mesmerizing.

As of now, this dresser is available on my Etsy shop, The Turquoise Iris


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My First Time to Use Heirloom Traditions Paint, Furniture Makeover in Navy and Coral

I was contacted by Paula with Heirloom Traditions Paint. She asked if I'd be interested in trying their paint. Well, sure!! I've heard wonderful things about the coverage and the line has so many beautiful colors, too. I chose 'Ol Navy from the Vintiques and Quite Coral from HTP. I also ordered the Oxidized Patina wax,  Burnt Umber Wax and the Ancient Agings Dust. 
Have a look at my result!

I couldn't decide which color to paint this desk so I just used everything, because why not, right?!?!

I brushed some of the patina wax over the hardware, also.

I started staging this piece and nothing I had as far as art worked so I paused...grabbed the brushes full of paint and made my own little floral abstract!  

This desk / vanity is listed for sale on my Etsy shop, The Turquoise Iris.

Thank you for viewing, hope you enjoy!