Thursday, June 30, 2016

What To Expect in July From The Turquoise Iris

I wanted to give my loyal followers a little sneak peek at my upcoming makeover series! 

What do you think? 

Anyone else in love with Summer, the ocean 
and the amazing colors???

Dreamy and soothing, that's what I'm 
after with this series. 

Stay close by!


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

When in Doubt, Add Teal!!! White & Gray Dresser Makeover

That's a wrap, my Friends!!

This is #5 of Part III in my "Doors" Series. 

I loved every minute of this series. Not only did I learn new techniques, I also explored my own creativity and allowed myself to just "play" with the paint.  I started using Heirloom Traditions Paint and fell in love with their colors, especially Steamer Trunk, Feathered Nest and Alexandrite.  

I have been pinning door images on my Pinterest page titled, Doors Around the World.  This collection of images has been the greatest source of inspiration for me. I encourage you all to find something that inspires, motivates and helps to develop your creativity.  It's so rewarding and actually very necessary for some of us!

 Fresh flowers make everything so pretty! 

Why do they have to die?!?!

Ahhh, fresh flowers. 

Don't they make everything prettier?

My motto, no doubt!

I think this piece is perfect for almost any room.  It's small enough to accent a hall or entry but the drawers are large enough to hold plenty of linens or clothing. 

I'm listing this today on my Etsy shop, and I can't wait to see where it ends up.

I've been planning my next series and I can't wait to show you the first piece!! I've just started using a few products from General Finishes and also CeCe Caldwell.  Please stay tuned, should be fun!

Lastly, check out this picture!  My client purchased the Otomi print buffet and she sent me a photo of how she styled it in her home. I'm in love!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dining In? Out? Either is Good.

Does this SCREAM Summer to anyone else?!?!?!?

This dining table is #4 of Part III of my "Doors" Series. I used the Pinterest image below for my inspiration. I want to see what's behind that door and up those stairs, don't you?

I used Feathered Nest again and also, Quite Coral for this furniture makeover.  Both colors are from Heirloom Traditions.

You see that gold leaf? I had to add a bit of lux and it was really fun to use. Once again, I'm always looking for ways to create an original look and perspective. The gold leaf, combined with the paint drips, gave this basic old table a new look, bohemian maybe.

I styled the table with a wall hanging from Urban Outfitters, bowls from Anthropologie, and the large clam bowl is from ZGallerie.

Oh, there's that drip again...

If you're interested in seeing similar makeovers by me, click HEREHERE, and HERE.

This table is available to purchase on my website,

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!  I'm off to watch the boys play baseball.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Curves for Days Here With This Coral Red Chest Furniture Makeover

So, let's finish off this week with a beautiful color combination! 

I used products from General Finishes for this furniture makeover.  Even if you don't love coral, I think you will like how these colors compliment one another.

This piece is #3 of Part III in my 
summer "Doors" Series!

I used Tuscan Red, Coral Crush, Patina Green and Antique White to achieve this layered bohemian look. 

I just LOVE these colors!! 

You can find more of my makeovers inspired by "Doors" from around the world, HereHere, and Here

I'm having so much fun with this series and I hope you all are enjoying them as well!

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Giveaway!!! Staging 101 - Get Tips on Staging & Decorating

Who's in?!?!? 

I took a vote several months ago.  I asked if you'd like to learn more about,  1. painting 2. staging or 3. running a business from home.  
Staging won the vote so I'm here to deliver!  

One of you will win the opportunity to ask me anything you'd like about staging including; photography, decorating, lighting, etc. 

Join my email list HERE ON MY BLOG, The Turquoise Iris. This will be your entry to the giveaway!! 
Drawing will be held Monday, June 20th.

You can tell from my photos, especially if you've followed my for awhile, staging my photos is almost as fun as painting to me.  I take great pride and time to ensure quality images.

So, let's get after it! 

Have you signed up yet?

~~~ Dionne

Friday, June 10, 2016

How to Hand Paint an Antique Vanity to Look Like an Authentic Old Door in Mexico and Me Dressed Like I'm Ready for Mexico

Who else loves a deep rich green gemstone? I  mean the kind that sucks you in and begs you to gaze at it for days. I do and I love it very much. This shade is called Alexandrite from Heirloom Traditions Paint. I can't lie, I know why I adore this color so much. Take a look below.

Can you see that it has just the right amount of my favorite color in it? 

Turquoise...ahhh...yes!! The golden child ( color ) in my book.

This vanity is #2 of Part III in my "Doors" series.  

I added a little watered down Ol' Navy to a few areas of this finish.  Look at that amazing original hardware!

This is the door image from my Pinterest  board titled, Doors. I love to look for inspiration in unexpected things.  I'm beginning to plan a series of furniture makeovers inspired pastels and gold leaf.  With all of the talented furniture artists, I'm looking for ways to be original, unique and true to myself.

Yep, this is the moment I realized I dressed myself to match the furniture I've been painting. Either that or I'm in desperate need of vacation, LOL.

I finished this piece with the Dark Umber wax.  It gave the final look more depth and texture. 

I think what I'm loving most about this series is I don't have to be perfect with the finish.  The more I paint, the better it looks, which is often the opposite when painting furniture.  I get to make a mess, rough up the finish and use as many colors as I choose. I'm in a creative heaven, really.

This piece is available to purchase, 

What do you say? You think you might want a little bit of Alexandrite as well?

Blessings for a wonderful summer weekend,