Thursday, February 25, 2016

How Dark & Light Wall Colors Affect a Photo & Before & After

Good afternoon, Friends! 

 Many of you comment on my dark teal wall.  You either want to know the name of the wall color or you ask me why I sometimes choose a dark wall to stage my furniture. Well, the name of the color is "Deep Blue Ocean" by Clark + Kensington from Ace Hardware. Before I explain, have a look at the first four photos below.

Two are on the teal wall and two are on a very light blue wall.

What is the first thing you notice?  I staged this antique server the same, mostly. 

Now, keep in mind, the time of day is different as well.  The teal photo photos were taken around 5:00 p.m and the light wall photos were taken around noon. The time of day will also greatly affect the light / colors / glare / shadows. The light wall is on the north side of the room while the teal is on the south wall. 

The first thing my eye notices is the dramatic notch kicks in a whole lot more with the dark wall.  It causes the deep colors to look more severe and the white to really pop!  The light wall photos almost have a more shabby chic look. The whole photo is more muted and calm.  

Since I sell my furniture on my Etsy shop, The Turquoise Iris,  my photos are crucial to my business.  The color and style of my furniture piece will determine which wall I use to stage and photograph. Often, I will set up on one wall and move right over to the other after I see the pictures.

My advise is to be adventurous.  The only rules are the ones you make yourself! 

I also love hearing comments from you about being able to recognize my photos right away without even seeing my watermark first.  Find something that sets you apart from the rest of us.  For me, my teal wall is one of those things. 

Before & After

My client purchased this antique server on Etsy and had it shipped to me to paint.  Now that I'm finished, I'll be shipping on to him in Waco.  He told me it was my best work to date! 

I guess he loves it, huh??!?

I'm working on a post about staging.  I'll show you one piece of furniture, staged three different ways. Stay tuned!!!


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bold Colour Furniture Makeover Before & After

     I am giddy every time I paint a piece of furniture where I use multiple colors. Not sure why exactly, but I get so pumped!  I used 6 colors to create this look. My goal was to make it look like it may have come out of a Spanish villa.  

I bought these knobs from Anthropologie last summer and have bee waiting for just the right piece to use them on.  

Seriously, whomever buys this will need to also buy the rug! Am I right?!?!


I used 4 different shades of blue, a wee bit of red and green to highlight. 
So. Much. Fun.

Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Get to Know Me Better With 20 Things You Probably Didn't Know

     I was challenged on Instagram with #10thingsabout me, so I thought I'd take it a step further and write a blog post about myself.  This will be a challenge for my introverted, insecure and often shy self. I have so many new followers that I thought it would be fun to share a little about myself and not just my furniture makeovers. Thank you to all who have been with me from the beginning and also who are new to my creative journey!!

1. My name is Dionne Woods, married 17 years, and mom of Elijah & Holden.

2. I've been a vegetarian for 7 years,  think sugar is the devil but can't live without chocolate.   
3. I never dreamed of being my own boss, creating an selling my own work. Honestly, if you told me 10 years ago this would be the case, I'd laugh at way, not me!

4. I'm a Pisces and often wear my heart on my sleeve. The beach, ANY beach, is my happy place. 

5. I love driving, windows down, hair blowing and the music way too loud.
6. I love old things, old cars, old houses, old people and old friends.

7. I'm terrified of failure, public speaking and cancer.

8. I'm highly competitive.

9. I like to make things pretty-people, homes, gardens, pictures, etc.

10. I've lived in Oklahoma my entire life but daydream about moving to the beach.

11. My favorite outdoor activity is watching my boys play baseball. 

12. I don't sit well. Desks and I don not mix well. 

13. Emily Henderson is my favorite HGTV personality.

14. I worked in retail and sold high-end clothing for most of my working years.

15. " Iris" from my name, The Turquoise Iris, is the name of my grandmother and mother. 

16. I built dollhouses as a little girl. I painted, added carpet and wallpaper all by myself.

17. At one point in my childhood, I planned to be a makeup artist.

18. I'm not very organized, paperwork makes me crazy.

19. I love yoga and believe our children should be practicing in schools.

20. My favorite nick-name is "Aunt Di" and I wear it with great pride!

I am at such a fun point in my life and getting to "paint for work" every day is my greatest accomplishment to date, other than becoming a mother and wife, of course! Hope you enjoyed my silliness;-)

Have a beautiful day!

~ Dionne

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Best Teal E-V-E-R!!!

     No surprise here but most of you know turquoise or any shade close to is my absolute favorite color. It always has been my go-to color. I can remember as early as first grade wearing a teal blouse for class picture day.  The funny part of that is I hated dresses so I wore a top with ruffles and denim jeans, worn out knees and all!

      I also think every home needs a tad of turquoise somewhere. Whether it be a vase, art or a single piece of furniture.  The color works with all design styles, warm or cool tones and looks exceptional as a stand alone against white.

This classic dresser deserved a timeless color and teal gets my vote. I replaced the original knobs with broken glass clear ones.  I can see this used a dresser in a nursery, girls / teen room for obvious reasons but I'd also love to see it shining in an entry way or hall area.  


One last thought on really looks good on everyone!! If you haven't tried, do and let me know how cute you look!!

As usual you can find my furniture available HERE on my Etsy shop, The Turquoise Iris.


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Before & After in 2 Tone Blue

Can I first say how much I adore those letters? N-I-C-E!!  Thanks to Hobby Lobby for having them on their 80% off section. You should've seen me trying to make a "cute" word from the letters they had left.  I may or may not have made a big mess...


This dresser is solid oak and full of tradition.  I didn't want to change that but wanted to add a fun color and some dimension to the drawers. I think this color is happy and I'm already dreaming about Spring, aren't you?

Obviously, I can see this as a bedroom dresser, but I also think it would
 make a great entry or hall piece.  Remove the mirror and you have a 
side table or night stand, too.