Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bohemian Vintage Wardrobe Hand Painted in Sante Fe Turquoise & Windsor Blue

Hello, Friends!

Anyone else spending their Summer in 100 degree weather? It's so hot and humid here in Oklahoma City.  I have to almost push myself out to the garage to paint during the months of July & August.


I did, however, create a weathered multi colored finish on this vintage wardrobe.  Plus, my hats made their staging debut.

This makes #2 in my newest Summer series, 
Coastal Waters

I used all products from the CeCe Caldwell Paints line. The colors I chose are Sante Fe Turquoise, otherwise know as the prettiest turquoise EVER. I also used Windsor Blue and a tiny bit of Pueblo Pepper.  For some reason, using just one color at a time seems disappointing, so for now I'm playing with textures and blending.

In case you're wondering, wardrobes are so much harder to paint than dressers, buffets or chests. There's a whole lot more surface area but also the large flat surfaces are hard to get a good texture on. If you're a painter, you know the pieces with detail are easier to achieve a worn and distressed look.

That red you see is Pueblo Pepper, also by CeCe Caldwell Paints. 
Here is a "before" image.  This piece sat in a store for weeks and weeks.  It just needed a new look. 

Look at that huge copper pot I found last week.  I'm storing this on our driftwood bookcase and filling it with Mexican style blankets.  

I love the imperfection here.  The chippy texture reminds me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Plus, any chance I can make a mess and get away with it is a good thing for me!

This piece has just sold and will be headed to a new home next week!

If you haven't seen my post on the first piece in this series, click HERE to read.

Hope you all are having a fun Summer!



  1. I have a question please: The orangey color is that paint or the wood showing through? Thanks!!! Love love all your painted pieces....very unique and creative!!!

  2. Hi Jeannie,

    That's the wood showing through this paint. I have added a few areas of Pueblo Pepper, also. You can see that red in the close-up photos. Thank you!!!

  3. Hi! I've just found your painted furniture on Pinterest. I'm in love with it all!