Thursday, May 24, 2012

Green Goodness

This chest has to be the oldest piece of furniture I have EVER 
painted.  No kidding, but I really love it so much!
I have been just staring it it going over different ideas 
and color ways to bring it to 2012 and away from the 1930's.

 Awesome delicate handles...thank you!
 Then, I saw this photo of this incredibly cool room!
Love it love it love it love it love it.
And this photograph by Shane Ward of Little Havana...

And here is what I came up with, simple and 
rustic with fresh modern colors. I did not use the 
colors from above...I found my own;)

Use this dresser in your little one's nursery or add extra storage in you mudroom or playroom!
I have sanded, painted and topped it off with a light coat of stain to give it extra texture and depth. The hardware is original but I added some gold paint to them.

This dresser is for sale ON MY ETSY SHOP
The Turquoise Iris!

Hope you have a delightful day!


  1. The color is scrumptious! (Ok, so I am eating a piece of lemon blueberry cake and that is only word that keeps popping in my head...) Love that green!!

  2. that is awesome! love that finish and color!

  3. This is so sweet! I will be so happy if you want to follow each other! What do u say? Kisses

  4. I fell in love with this dresser as soon as I saw it, and it even has my favourite colors, it's wonderful, great job you did with it, very personal style, and looking antique but modern as well. Congratulations.

  5. LOVE YOUR DRESSER! very pretty, the two colors look great together!

  6. I love this! Very nice job. Great piece.

  7. Popped over from MMS this morning.

    Love this color combination, very unique! Hope it sells quickly!

    You have a great eye!

    Small House / Big Sky Donna