Saturday, May 30, 2015

Abstract Painted Antique Table

You guys know I love to use bold paper designs o my furniture sometimes.  My husband always asks me when I'm going to free hand an image instead of using paper.  I am no professionally trained in any artistic way but I decided this antique table would be my first guinea pig.  I hand painted the top and then painted the base in the turquoise.  Aside from being sooooo much fun, I think it turned out okay!  Have a look!

I'm not sure I'll try this again for awhile but I'm super proud of myself for giving it my best shot. Thanks in advance for any positive feedback you may have for me.

Happy weekend!



  1. I love how it looks!! Your pieces are so unique, I love seeing someone going beyond the usual chalk paint + dark wax combo. Congrats :)

  2. I actually thought this was paper until i read your post! Great job Dionne!!