Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oh, You Sexy Little Thing!

When the weather gets cold and cranky, I tend to paint less.  These last few weeks have been filled with the marketing of vintage furniture rather than painted pieces.  I love searching for cast offs that can be cleaned up and flipped on my shop, The Turquoise Iris

This little gem here, was once ( see before photo below ) tired and boring.  I didn't have to do much to it all. Then, BAM... it's al sophisticated in this black and white look.  I love how it turned out! Plus, it felt really great to have warm enough weather to get some painting done.  

See that round one on the right? It will be next!

Hope you all enjoy your day!!



  1. hello,

    I love the high gloss. Can you teel the name of the paint ?

  2. Like donning a tuxedo for the big dance, this table looks ready for a formal with his best girl! What a glorious transformation! Marie