Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Antique Yellow Desk / Dressing Vanity

I'm thinking everyone may need a little yellow in their home.  It adds such a happy vibe and gives every room warmth.  

I love how this desk turned out.  Miss Sophie chose the color to match her new bedding in her new room in her new home.  I'm so fortunate to have this job!  Thank you to the Rodgers family!!


  1. I quietly follow your blog but never comment. This time I am! :) I love that you are not afraid of color and that your favorites are my favorites too! That yellow is so pretty. But what really caught my eye is those plates on the wall! Please please share, did you paint them? Did you buy them? I love it! Oh, and do you know what the name of your wall color is? it is lovely!

    1. You are so kind!! Thank you very much. I bought the plates at a thrift shop, taped off parts I wanted to show and spray painted the rest of the plate. Easy and cheap but I'm always looking for new staging ideas!

      Blessings to you!!