Thursday, February 7, 2013

Antique Dresser & Mirror in Sunshine Yellow

I had to almost get in a fist fight at Goodwill for this piece ( seriously, my heart was racing ) It was love at first sight, no one was going to buy it right from under me! 
It was soooo worth the fight, or "stare down" may be a better word. :)
Check it out now that I've painted it in this Sunshine yellow from Benjamin Moore!

Happy, happy, happy! :)
This dresser is up for sale on my Etsy shop, 


  1.'s so gorgeous! Glad you ended up winning over your competitor at Goodwill. :) Megan

  2. well worth a good fist fight!

    bravo.stopping by via MMS and hope you'll find a moment to come hang out, dream, reflect, share and notice lovely.

    smiles to you, lovely blogger.


  3. Bought this piece for our nursery and absolutely love it! Thank you so much!