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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vintage Turquoise & Teal Dresser

It's sad when a piece of furniture alone makes me yearn for a new baby nursery to decorate! This one has done it for sure...boy or girl...wouldn't matter. I love this dresser's colors and the new polka dot knobs are perfect with the lightly distressed finish. I really enjoyed painting this one, my imagination went everywhere, especially after mixing the 3 different colors I used to get this shade of blue.

 Cute Hobby Lobby knobs:)

This piece if for sale on my Etsy shop, 


  1. What a beauty and those knobs are just too cute.

  2. This is just too perfect for words - the color - the distressing - the knobs -
    Beautiful job

  3. Wish you would write a book on styling...(Think e-book on photo styling your furniture for blogs!) I study what you do in every photograph. Why is it when I style all I see is the items on top not the dresser. When I look at what you do, the styling does not interfere with the beauty of the dresser. Help me please!

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  4. Oh I feel the same way, as if I didn't already have Baby Fever, this dresser has done it! I might have to order one someday when I have a little one! SO SO SO CUTE!