Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bali Hai Desk and Chair in White and Chevron

I found this set the last week and did some research on the collection and found out it was very popular and sought out after.  So, I am even more happy to have the opportunity to bring it to a new life!  See the transformation below...

Was nice one day...really long ago;)

Ahh...there we go...clean, bright and modern.  This desk and chair set can be purchased here on my Etsy Shop!

Have a bright and sunny day, 
wherever you are!


  1. Very lovely......so much better love the fabric choice for the chair too!

  2. Another amazing transformation! You are very talented.

  3. Turned out great! I am curious if you did anything special to the top of the desk? My mom just bought this entire bedroom suite for her room and we are wanting to redo all the pieces but I was unsure if the paint would stick to the top.

  4. This is making me drool! I am soooo in love with bamboo right now. You did an awesome job. Love the crisp white and your choice of upholstery fabric.

  5. I soooo want this bedroom set, the whole set!!!

    I also really like the toile that was originally on the chair- cute!


  6. Its lovely! The deskis gorgeous! And I love that cheveron fabric, it's so fun! Great job!

  7. Hi there, you did such a great job on this desk. Love the blue drawer. I found same one today. Do I need to know anything special about what type of paint to use? Thank you so much!