Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Re-Designed Credenza or Dresser in Teal and Rosemary!

I was so angry at myself when I realized my 
impatient self:) forgot to take a "before" photo.
Now I just have the after shots!
But you can imagine how this must have looked before in its
dark pecan 1980's finish, right?
This piece is solid and heavy wood and in near mint 
condition.  I just thought it needed to find a new home
in a playroom or bedroom.
I think it would look great with a television on top 
or even books stacked up?

This piece may be purchased on my 
ETSY shop

Hope you have a bright and sunny day!!


  1. wow! you win for boldness, baby! i love this piece and i love how daring you are!! hope it sells fast!

    btw, how do you handle shipping? i dread dealing w/ it b/c the cost usually is more than the piece!!

  2. love seeing color and daring and out of the box....yes white is great but all is not white