Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dead In My Tracks...

Did I make you raise your eyebrows? ;)
Let me make myself clear...sometimes a piece of furniture makes me stop, dead in my tracks!
This is why I love furniture, used, worn in furniture.  The kind that gets better with every passing year.
Although, this settee is actually in mint vintage condition, I know it sat for many years somewhere and showed off it's fabulous legs and arms!
See what I mean...

If your in love...hop on over to my Etsy shop
where this vintage mid century modern 
settee is for sale.

Enjoy your summer evening!


  1. Simply gorgeous! I would love to have this :)

  2. This piece is beautiful. I know what you mean about some things stopping you in your tracks. I just recently started watching Mad Men on Netflix and I think it's swaying my views of mid century furniture a bit! The photo with the white walls straight on looks like something from a pottery barn mag. Great find! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I feel like wearing satin and doing my hair in perfect waves for this bench. It's very old Hollywood looking. And it's fantastic with your wall colour. They should date.